The services that IPC Lydon offers are designed to meet very specific needs of a given service request and/or to provide services that satisfy all project requirements. IPC Lydon "Best in Class" services are framed by our deep commitment to safety and quality at a level that is deserving of and expected by our customers. Given the opportunity we are confident that, from the top down, we will meet your expectations in all regards. To learn more about the company and our qualifications please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Material Handling
Having worked with the top conveyor system manufacturers in the country, we have a proven track record installing, upgrading and maintaining:
   • airport baggage handling systems & inline EDS conveyors.
   • airport security detection system scanners.
   • postal and parcel package handling systems.
   • manufacturing & production conveyor systems.
   • warehouse and distribution inventory conveyor systems.

Power Generation
Our experience with fossil fuel, hydro & waste-to-energy power plants makes us an ideal choice for installation & repair for:
   • all types of rotating equipment.
   • turbine and generator equipment.
   • plant overhauls & outages.
   • the balance of plant equipment.
   • boiler maintenance and outage services.

Wastewater & Water Treatment
We perform process equipment installations, maintenance, repairs & upgrades. Additionally, we have extensive experience with rectangular & circular clarifiers, screw pumps, collector equipment, screening equipment, filter presses, pumps and aerators.

Moveable Bascule & Swing Bridges
Our capabilities extend to the installation and maintenance of bridge operating equipment and machinery. This includes bearing changes and realignments as well as 24/7 emergency response.

Laser Alignment and Precision Leveling
IPC Lydon craftmen has the capabilities to perform leveling and alignment of all types of machinery and rotating equipment. Our experienced technicians, using the latest technologies, can align and level your equipment to the tightest tolerances.

Rigging Services & Storage Facilities
We can take care of all your rigging, hauling and hoisting needs, as well as indoor and outdoor storage for all your equipment. Call us for pricing on this or any other service we offer.

Other Services
Our experienced craftmen can also perform the following:
   • on-site fabrication & welding
   • plant and/or equipment relocations
   • machinery repair and maintenance
   • upgrades and retooling
   • manufacturing equipment installation
   • shut downs
   • 24/7 emergency repair service