IPC Lydon holds a Massachusetts DCAM certificate no. 1961, ASME Section-1 "S" certificate and NBIC "R" certificate. Additionally, we are registered and licensed to do business in over 30 states as well as holding various licenses in the following states:

License No. 989883

Major Contractor License MCO.0903234
Elevator Limited Conveyor Contractors License
R-7 (Elevator Limited Conveyor Contractor) License No. ELV.0475611-R7
R-9 (Elevator Limited Hoists Cranes & Lifts Contractor) License No. ELV.0476212-R9

Florida - Miami Dade
Tran Assem Inst Lic. No. 10M000163
Master Mechanical Installer for Conveyor License No. 10M000163

Florida - Broward County
Transport Assembly Contractor - 15-TAC-19612

License No. 31100

C-7 Elevation & Conveyance Lic. No. 0079147
C-7 Elevation & Conveyance License No. 77364

License No. 2705135786A

Construction Contractor - Elevator Lic. No. CC IPCLYLL878Q7


IPC Lydon is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment free from recognized hazards through the education and training of its employees. All IPC Lydon craftmen have, as a minimum, the equivalence of the 10 hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in Construction Safety and Health. Safety is and will remain the key to production and cost effectiveness. Our goal is to adhere to all federal, state, and local safety regulations. This effort has created a team that strives for a safe and healthy working environment.